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There is uniform acceptance of the importance of good nutrition to an individual’s health. But there has only been recent attention paid to an aspect that is as if not more important that what we put in our bodies. The body is a gigantic plumbing system made of tubes, pipes and vessels. It is the way things move and the mechanism by which all parts of the body get nourished. But, like any system , biological or mechanical, the attention we pay to cleaning out this plumbing system is as important as what we put in it. Most people pay more attention to cleaning their cars, changing the oil and other fluids than they pay to cleaning their biological machines. 

Digestion of foods and their utilization by the body produces by products that must be expelled. Failure to do so, is one of the main causes of aging, disease and virtually all of the biological system failures that we experience as humans. That is what makes detoxification (detox) one of the most important practices that we can add to our health routines.

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